Maintenance 08/11/2022

Slowly but surely moving forward

I want to inform and make everyone happy, our project is slowly but surely moving forward, it is not surprising that a lot of information about Lerify Projects is not distributed widely, but for now the purpose of this project is informational and educational activities.

The background of the project is scattered all over the Internet, as well as our privacy policy and our provisions do not want and do not allow the distribution and presentation of our project, partner, work, etc. Clients and employers themselves, if they want, advertise us and refer people to our services.

However, we will not advertise our service and we will not publicly announce it, and we will leave the main project as information for users to access and use the internet space more easily.

The project is in the testing stage, in the testing stage it does not mean that the project is not fully launched.

Meaning is somewhere out in the space!

Web development and coding. Cross platform development website. Adaptive layout internet page or web interface on screen laptop, tablet and phone. Isometric concept illustration.